PriveOS is a Linux based operating system with the latest Linux kernel and features for security and simplicity.

With our dedicated PRIVE development platform organizations can introduce tailor made integrations to their own critical systems and processes.

Implementing custom algorithms and protocols to designs is one of the key benefits of PriveOS and its development environment.

Prive MPP

In the heart of the PriveComms security architecture is proprietary consensus based Multi-Party Protocol (“MPP”) which represents the new generation in authentication and key exchange between multiple entities – a fundamental building block for security in the new 5G / IOT world, where traditional point-to-point protocols do not meet the new complexity requirements and struggle to scale.

Prive MPP authenticates and protects any number of parties and connections between them. MPP is compliant with NIST8214A standard draft “Towards NIST Standards for Threshold Schemes for Cryptographic Primitives” and reflects NIST800-207 “Zero Trust Architecture” document.