Prive Independent Network is a platform where all the applications and services are managed on site. It offers a fast deployable and protected communication solution for demanding environments. It is a private, wireless IP – MESH network designed to be operative even if all other communication infrastructure is down or is not available. In this network every node is a base station creating resilience.

Prive Independent network and communication solutions form a robust, self-healing and self- forming platform delivering and protecting voice, video, messaging, sensor data, location information and OT.

The Prive Independent Network consists of the OFF THE GRID situational awareness system developed by Privecomms Ltd and the Mesh network developed by Silvus Technologies Ltd. Together, these systems enable the independent communication and a situational picture of its own group, anywhere in the world, without dependence on the local communication infrastructure.

The performance goes easily with the unit and is functional in the operating range in minutes.


GSM anonymizer is a patent pending stand alone robust
hardware device for tactical protection against various GSM
network based intelligence activities.

TACANO is small embedded unit to protect mobile communication from link analysis and traffic pattern mapping between communication parties.

These units offers isolation between communication parties when there is extensive rogue SS7 services available and illegal IMSI Catching activities in GSM networks. Unit offers operational security screening.

Available ONLY for authorities and legimite operators.


PriveUSBC Adpater offers you unprecedented protection to carry your valuable data with you without exposing you.

Or to encrypt your data attached an email that can never be opened by anyone other than your chosen recipient.

If you have been looking for a way to encrypt your files at the level of information security class 1, here is the Finnish solution for you.


In the new world of remote work organizations need tools for confidential communication. Ensuring cyber resiliency is fundamental to business operations.

Privecomms Conference Platform is the first truly secure, end-to-end encrypted multi-party video conferencing tool.

The Platform utilizes our Multi-Party-Protocol (MPP) which creates consensus and delivers keying between every participant thereby solving the fundamental requirement for secure authentication.

With Prive Conference Platform organizations can use telepresence in an effective way and be assured that information routing elements and third parties do not decrypt confidential information.

The development of the Conference platform has been transferred to Daos Technologies Oy, where its usability is expanded to the most used platforms such as Android, Windows and IoS.

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