PRIVE communication solutions provide secure and resilient mobile devices and independent networks for all core communication applications including voice, video and data transfer. PRIVE platform secures operating capability in all circumstances – even when public networks are not available.

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We are PriveComms

PriveComms platform is designed to face the modern digitalized world, where trust must be dealt with in a new way. The combination of multiple elements creates the capability of offering highly secured products, solutions and a unique development platform.

• Our technology architecture is based on the clean hardware and clean software approach adopting the Zero Trust methodology.
• Our resilient and dedicated operating system PriveOS encapsulates the strengths and unique capabilities of the platform.
• Proprietary consensus based MultiParty Protocol (MPP) represents the new generation in the authentication and key exchange between multiple entities.

Multi disciplined PRIVEComms team includes deep level software engineers, hardware experts, security specialists and leading crypto specialists


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